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Fck-Auto - A symbol of quality in multi-branch operations

Our Company specializes in trading goods throughout Europe and beyond. Import and export of goods initiated the transport and forwarding activities of our company. Through the large trade of goods within our country we have also gained great experience in domestic transport. The initial organization of transport for our own needs evolved later on into logistics services for other companies and individuals. Thanks to our own fleet of various types of vehicles and a large number of partners in the transport industry, our logistic services are at the highest level. Are you interested in our offer? Contact us. You will find contact details here...

Transport and Forwarding - professional logistics services

A reliable partner specializing in the transport and forwarding of goods is the basis for the operation of any company dealing with the purchase and sale of goods at home and abroad. High costs of importing or sending goods may make the activity unprofitable and for this reason it is worth choosing cooperation with our company. Fck-Auto guarantees timely completion of services, safe and always insured transport, and above all, affordable prices. Are you interested in cooperation? Contact us via the contact form...

Transport of standard and oversized goods

We organize transportation of standard goods, but also oversized ones. We are able to take up any order without any problem. We have great experience in domestic and international transport of goods. We operate throughout the EU and beyond its borders. Would you like to price the transport of your goods? Nothing easier. You can get a free pricing here...

Transport of cars and lorries

We transport cars of all types, new and used, always adapting to the individual needs of the client, carrying out orders according to the latest standards. We are fully open to all cooperation proposals. We can efficiently and easily transport cars throughout Europe and beyond on time and always to the indicated point. Are you interested in transporting a car or another vehicle? Price the transport service quickly and efficiently here...

Specialized transport of machines

We offer transport of wheeled and tracked machines of typical sizes and oversized ones. We transport construction, agricultural and production equipment, etc. We have specialized low-loader trailers, platforms and many other types of bodywork. We can organize the transport of any machine without any problems. Are you interested in specialized transportation of machines? Get price the service of such transport here...

A modern fleet of vehicles and an experienced team of employees

We have an extensive fleet of very modern vehicles to carry out the tasks entrusted to us. Our company is also a professional team of employees who have extensive experience in national and international forwarding. We always provide our technical and logistic support, but most of all we guarantee trouble-free transport of products entrusted to us. Properly secured goods in our trucks, which are driven by experienced drivers, can be safely transported even over very long distances.

Purchase of cars - Free pricing of your vehicle

The Fck-Auto deals with purchase of all used cars. We offer a free pricing and a specific offer. Upon acceptance of our offer we guarantee a quick transaction and collection of the vehicle from the given location. The agreed amount is paid in advance to the bank account included in the contract. Do you want to sell your car easily and quickly? You can get a free pricing for your car here..

Fck-Auto – Guarantee of security

As you have noticed, our company has great experience in trade and transport. Below we present the documents which entitle us to conduct a multi-branch business and guarantee your security while taking advantage of our services. Thank you for the time spent on our website and we invite all of you to cooperate with us.

Licencja spedycyjna Licencja transportowa Zezwolenie zawodowe Centralna Ewidencja i Informacja o Dzialalnosci Gospodarczej
Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Ubezpieczenie OC przewoznika drogowego w ruchu miedzynarodowym Zaswiadczenie o REGON Zaswiadczenie o NIP Zaswiadczenie o NIP EU

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Did you know that...

We deal with international transport of cars and goods

Our drivers are professionals with many years of experience

We take care of the condition of our fleet so that it is always safe and reliable

We also provide services within the framework of national and international forwarding

Our transport logistics services are at the highest level

We also sell checked cars at affordable prices

You will find well-maintained cars with low mileage and great bargains here

We buy vehicles of all types online in a quick way

Our car buyers are a team of people and a network of vehicles to transport cars

We act quickly buying cars in all technical conditions

You can make a free pricing and sell your car quickly

After purchasing the car, we will pay the money and pick up the car from the given location

We also buy used catalysts from various types of vehicles

You can make a free pricing and sell your catalyst quickly

Our company is your business partner with a guarantee of quality and optimum price